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Global Book Writers is a multidisciplinary group of writers, managers, editors, and designers dedicated to bringing your ideas to life.

A door of opportunities for aspiring authors

Global Book Writers, a group of enthusiastic young people who were drawn together by a mutual love of writing and coffee. The two of us were literary aficionados, writers, readers, and film buffs who loved cult masterpieces. Every day, we'd sit down and write for hours on end about anything and everything that was in some way related to literature or creative writing.

Our Promise

At Global Book Writers, a team of fearsome book writers is available for hire, and they don't just write a story; they craft an alluring experience for the reader, taking them into a multiverse of wonder and on a journey that keeps them on the edge of their seat, until all the threads of their plot come together in their final pages to draw the complete picture of what you, our client, came up with as a mere sketch of an idea.

We promise to utilize a mix of self-publishing and conventional techniques to assist you in promoting your book. We are committed to assisting upcoming writers on their journey to publication through our global publishing house.

Because we provide a wide range of book writing services, we can write books in any genre for our customers. Our talented book writers have a wide range of abilities and are dedicated to providing work of the highest quality.

Global Book Writers Advantages:

In addition to ghostwriting the book, we also offer the following services, although they are not exhaustive:

Proofreading and Editing


Design of the book's cover

Advertising & Public Relations

Design of a website for an author

Proofreading and Editing


Translation of a book, among other things

Our company is your one-stop-shop for all of your book writing requirements, and we guarantee to deliver on both our promises of excellence and a remarkable book-writing journey experience.

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Meet the team

We’re a team of designers and developers with backgrounds in startups and technology companies.

  • Micheal A. Neel


    Neel graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a degree in Business Economics and began working for Booz Allen Hamilton as a strategy consultant in 2004. Three years later, he relocated to New York to get an MBA at Columbia University, after which he joined Arle Capital (previously Candover) in London as an Investment Director. He left his position in private equity in 2011 to pursue his passion for history and storytelling, co-founding Global Book Writers with his co-founder.

  • Ryan James-Heuser


    Heuser is a seasoned financial and business executive with a focus on start-ups and scale-ups in a variety of industries, including technology and eCommerce. Prior to co-founding Global Book Writers with Neel, Heuser worked as the CFO and Head of People at an online collaborative learning platform for four years. Heuser is a certified public accountant with a bachelor's degree in business administration and economics. He likes athletics, playing the piano, and writing in his spare time.

  • Eric Mason

    Marketing Director

    Eric lends a strategic, logical and articulate perspective to Global Book Writers product development, product marketing and design. He contributes journalistic nous gained working with broadcasters including NYT publicists, BBC Newsnight, as well as print publications. Prior to joining Global Book Writers, he worked to improve online communications for a range of small enterprises. He holds a BA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, and a Masters degree in Political Theory, both from Oxford University; as well as a Graduate Diploma in Law.

  • Matthew Hanks

    Sales & Global Operations Manager

    With over eight years of sales experience in the media, retail, and healthcare sectors, Hanks is passionate about delivering excellent service and cultivating long-term connections with his clientele. Hanks is also a sports fan who is presently pursuing a Master's degree in sports law. Traveling, technology, and cuisine are some of his other passions.

The things we value

Principles we bring with us through every project.

Proof over promise

We don’t do outbound and we don’t have a sales team. We’re no-nonsense and we like to prove things rather than talk about it.

Never settle for less

We have high standards, we think things through and strive to deliver a balance between beauty and substance to make something truly preem.

Invest wholeheartedly

We only work on ideas that we believe in, meaning we genuinely care about our projects and always have our clients’ interests at heart.

Enough about us, what
about you?


In our team of book writers for hire, everyone has distinct tastes and a flair for particular areas. We are always developing and building together with every book that is added to our proud list of works. We provide a customized experience by assigning a devoted writer or editor to you with a promising history of talent in the genre, who is just as much enthusiasm as you are to create the book of your dreams. Together, our ghostwriter and we produce unforgettable experiences for both the author and the audience.

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