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Every author needs it, although it is practically difficult to self-edit a book.

Even best-selling novelists would never attempt it.

Hiring a professional book editor is usually the best investment you can make for your book and your writing career. Book editors do more than just make sure your I's are dotted and T's are crossed. There is an extensive book editing process, making sure that your writing is flowing and poignant. Humanity fails to achieve perfection. And we at Global Book Writers are aware of how this manifestation occurs. We offer the professional polish that every well-written book deserves.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing includes storyline, organization, characterization, place, pacing, voice, and POV and tense decisions, among other things. A careful reading results in a written analysis of your manuscript's strengths and shortcomings, as well as remedies. Your manuscript will be heavily commented on, offering editorial and reader-response insights. All this at the most affordable book editing cost.

What You Will Receive

  • In-text feedback on your manuscript.
  • Editing and revising essential areas of the text, including the narrative, terminology, structure, characters, style, and development.
  • A detailed edit letter that includes an analysis and action plan.
  • A one-hour phone session to go over your notes and editing strategy.

Editing on the Line

Line editing is the process of making adjustments at the sentence and paragraph levels in order to improve the flow and impact of the prose. This heavy, low-level editing addresses concerns of clarity, consistency, and concision while preserving and emphasizing the work's original voice. Line editing prioritizes craft over all else and is essential for elevating text to a professional level.

During line editing, our skilled line editors take care to maintain and showcase your unique voice, with the awareness that fiction line editing demands sensitivity and inventive adjustments to fit authorial goals. As you evaluate revisions, you may also receive comments in the manuscript to help you understand the editor's thought process.

What You Will Receive

  • Edits at the sentence and paragraph levels using Microsoft Word Track Changes
  • Correction of difficult constructions, as well as suggestions to make sentences crisper and tighter by eliminating duplication.
  • Editor's notes and general observations


The final stage of the editing process is proofreading. It corrects grammatical, spelling, and typographical mistakes. Proofreading consists of alterations that are made to make the prose objectively correct but does not address stylistic or substantive flaws. Proofreading will correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and basic formatting errors.

In most circumstances, a line edit should come before a proofread to ensure your prose is crisp, strong, and ready for the final pass. Your work will be ready for interior layout after it has been proofread.

What You Will Receive

  • Objective accuracy edits given using Microsoft Word Track Changes
  • Errors in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, and grammar are corrected.

Testing by Beta Readers

Get a detailed look of how readers in your target audience react to your book. Writing is an iterative process, but sometimes you need to see things through the eyes of the reader. With critical ideas from a beta reader in the correct demographic, you can make your editing process more frictionless.

Know your target and leave the rest to our professional and experienced beta readers.

What You Will Receive

  • Selecting the finest demographic from our massive database and matching it to your ideal reader
  • Informing readers about specific questions you want them to answer after they read the material
  • Examining main issues indicated by the public narrative and soliciting reader comments
  • Analyzing feedback and creating notes and trends to assist you in incorporating them into your core concept.

Why Select Us

We Are The Best in the Industry

Our editors are screened, tested, and monitored. Our network includes the top book editors in the industry.

Locate the Best Book Editor

The relationship you have with your editor might mean the difference between success and failure.

Avoid Fake Products.

Avoid self-appointed but unproven "copy editors," "proofreaders," and other web traps and scams that prey on writers.

A Service You Can Count On

Your work is handled with the strictest ethical standards.

Select a Book Editing Strategy

For your convenience, Global Book Writers offers two Book Combo Editing packages. Choose the one that best meets your needs.

  • 400+

    Books Written

  • 2500+

    Books Edited

  • 4000+

    Books Published

Choose a Book Editing Plan

Global Book Writers offer 2 Book Combo Editing plans for you ease. Choose the one that fits your bill.

  • Standard

    Starting from
    • Sentence structure and word choice
    • Spelling and grammar, Proofreading
    • Multiple rounds of editing
    • Plot and pacing (for fiction)
    • Character development (for fiction, biographies, and autobiographies)
    • Review of core concept to improve appeal
  • Comprehensive

    Starting from
    • Improving sentence structure
    • Fixing grammatical errors, punctuation, and spellings
    • Streamlining the text by making the tone, style, and composition more consistent
    • Getting rid of jargon and repetitive texts
    • Correcting subject-verb agreement
    • Including appropriate transitional phrasingCONCISE & ERROR FREE LANGUAGE
    • Multiple rounds of editing
    • Plot and pacing (for fiction)
    • Character development (for fiction, biographies, and autobiographies)
    • Review of core concept to improve appeal
    • Improve tone, awkward phrasing, flow, and readability
    • Make the writing more engaging
    • Ensure consistent language, spelling (American or British English), and style
    • Make comments and suggestions in the margin about content, such as plot problems, weak dialogue, etc.
    • Visually attractive cover designs that will complement the book’s theme and appeal to the target audience
    • Clean and consistent inner pages
    • Appropriate typeface, image placement, and paragraph formatting
    • Use of industry-recommended software programs like Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop

Five Simple Steps

How does it work?

  • Share

    Send your manuscript to us via mail.

  • Match

    Get paired with a book editor who is a good fit for you.

  • Editorial Evaluation

    This is constructive criticism that will help your dream book become a best-selling success. They provide comments within your document and write a laser-focused editorial letter that explains what's working well and what can be improved.

  • Consultation

    Our editors not only provide corrections and suggestions, but they also explain why they did so. The final say, however, is always yours.

  • Edit

    Make Your Manuscript the best version of itself.

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