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Tight dialogue, attractive artwork, and inspirational character design drive a great comic book's storytelling, resulting in an immersive reading experience.

Your comic book doesn't have to be black-and-and-white; we can print full-color comics in any format, including US comics and Japanese Manga. We also provide stapled and ideal binding, as well as a variety of paper weights and laminations.

Draw comics the Marvel way

Strong characters, exciting action, and rich worldbuilding are all required elements of comic book writing, and best ghostwriting services take care of these things.

There are several aesthetic characteristics specific to comic books that aren't seen in other genres of fiction. To create a comic in the Archie, Dog Man or Scott Pilgrim style, you'll want to learn how these techniques may be used to enhance the humor in your story. It's best if you create a horror comic since we'll arrange the panels and spreads to enhance the suspense and surprise factor.

With a Graphic Novel, our professional ghostwriter brings your comic world to life. Our top ghostwriters are well-versed in the intricacies of the comic book industry and the importance placed on the collectibles audience.

Global Book Writers offers the finest comic book illustrations and comic artwork thanks to their highly experienced comic illustrators. They adhere to a specific workflow, which enables us to provide our customers with unique and innovative ways to illustrate their ideas and concepts.

  • Engagement

    With our clients, we strive to understand their needs and pain areas, as well as the business objectives and the market areas they operate in.

  • Scope Definition

    In addition to styles, pictures, sketches, and words that will be utilized in the illustration, we will engage our customers to discuss the range and possibilities of the need. When it comes to requirements, we don't only know what to ask for; we also know what to advise.

  • Sketch Demo

    The format and template will be designed first, and then a sample sketch will be created and presented to the customer for their approval before it is finalized.

  • Assurance Phase

    Textures, sketches, colors, and many other measures of quality are some of the things we create. As soon as the project is completed, it is carefully inspected to ensure that everything goes according to plan.

  • Delivery to Client

    To meet the deadline, we provide the work to our customers and revise it if necessary before handing it over to customers.

  • Traditional Comic Book

    Kick it old-school with a Traditional Comic Book sized at 6.625" x 10.25". Our Traditional Comic Book format can be bound with a budget-friendly Saddle-Stitched (Stapled) Binding or print your series anthology with our Perfect Binding.

  • Manga

    Bring your Manga creation to life with a 5.5" x 7.75" edition. Choose from Saddle-Stitched binding for a booklet-style comic or Perfect Binding for a more polished look and feel.

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-Judy Abu Alhassan

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Comics are a unique form of storytelling. An advantage you have is that an artist will collaborate with you in telling your story;

But how can you convey that thrilling surprise that will convince your readers to buy the following issue?

Your script serves as both a story for the audience and a blueprint for the artist. Some authors give the artist a lot of creative freedom and editorial control, but there are times when you need to highlight a storyline element or an emotion. There may be a visual that you have clearly visualized, one that you can see every beat in. Creating a comic is not the same as writing one, and knowing how to collaborate with your artist can help you convey that vision to the page the best way possible. Artists and authors work together to get the finest outcomes at Global Book Writers.

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