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Our fiction ghostwriting service is designed to bring your story to life while also making your publication aspirations a reality. Professional ghostwriters from our fiction team get to know your story inside and out, as well as your vision and collaborate directly with you on the project. Our ghostwriting platform assists you with the creative aspects of finishing your manuscripts and incorporating the comments you've given us into the finished version. Our top ghostwriters work closely with you from the beginning to the end of the writing process, treating your project as if it were our own. No matter what genre you're in, we'll go the extra mile to create a magical book that captivates your readers.

A Whole New World

At Global Book Writers, we have a team of top ghostwriters with expertise in a variety of different genres. Also, some of our most versatile book ghostwriters thrive at writing in genres with a very niche reader base.

Our book writers possess the creative abilities required to develop raw ideas and incorporate a variety of writing styles suitable to your genre. We provide the best ghostwriting services that create enthralling characters and storylines for your target audience. Our professional ghostwriters are well-versed in publishing industry standards and have a track record of working with many prominent figures.

What You Can Expect?;

  • Admirable Characters
  • Engaging Plots
  • Captivating World building
  • Impeccable Proofreading

How We Successfully Manage Writing Your Manuscript


The process begins with a phone discussion regarding the author's goals for the book. This serves as a 'chemistry test' between the ghostwriter and the author, ensuring that the ghostwriter is a perfect match for the task. If everyone is satisfied, the author then shares the story with the ghostwriter through a series of interview sessions. The ghostwriter takes notes during the talks and then transforms them into a book. The process entails much more than simple transcription: spoken English must be rewritten and transformed into flowing, logical, and well-written prose.


The first step in writing a book is to devise a strategy for doing so. This is where a lot of authors fall short. They express an interest in writing a book, but they never sit down and devise a strategy for really accomplishing this goal. A story graph and an outline will be created by our professional ghostwriters for approval before they begin writing the individual chapters.

Writing and Editing

Despite the fact that you have appointed a writer, the process of creating your book is a joint effort. Every week, it is customary for you to visit the site and see the work in progress. Reviewing the work in progress provides you with the opportunity to ensure that your story is being presented correctly and in a manner that is comfortable for you. It's also beneficial for you to be able to analyze what you've covered and how much information you've included. You may go back in time and revisit specific events in your life if you so want, or you can cut parts that seem less important when you look at them on the page. Your writer will integrate your changes into the book, but they may question a change if they believe it would negatively impact the storyline in any manner. In the end, your writer wants you to be satisfied with the way your story is presented, and as a result, you have complete editorial control over the final outcome.

Publish-Ready Manuscript

Once the content of the manuscript has been completed, your ghostwriter will assist you with the layout, formatting, and internal design of the book in order to prepare it for publication, which is the next stage in the process.

  • Romance and Erotica

  • Crime, Mystery and Thriller

  • General and Literary Fiction

  • Historical and Adventure

  • Science Fiction and Fantasy

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I didn't have to do anything other than communicate, and my book was done in no time. I don't think I could have found a better ghostwriting service provider. I'd give them a big thumps up!


To be honest, I was sceptical at first. But They refused to give up and worked tirelessly to give me exactly what I desired!. Global Book Writers, on the other hand, has me in awe. Strongly recommended!


My interaction with the Global Book Writers was great. Interviews were my favourite section. The interviewer displayed a good understanding of the subject at hand and guided me in the direction of turning my thoughts into a book! I'm happy that I got them!


Global Book Writers help me throughout the project, I've had a wonderful experience. When first time I saw the first draught, I knew these individuals were good at what they were doing. They're fantastic!

Martha Imerson

It was a pleasure working with the Global Book Writers team. There are still a couple more manuscripts that need to be add into book, and I know this is the best place for me to go!

Anna M.

Ever since I’ve entered the writing industry, I dreamt of publishing my own book; and, thanks to Global Book Writers, my first ever poetry book Hymn of the Dandelion now rests on so many e-bookstores! Everything from their publishing to their marketing services is beyond excellent and I couldn’t be more grateful to their team of wonderful people.

-Judy Abu Alhassan

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We provide professional ghostwriting services tailored to each client's needs. Either let us start from the beginning or work with your concept; we can produce an engaging fiction book for you. You should use our fiction ghostwriting service for the following reasons:

  • Original ideas and gripping narrative,
  • Writing services for a variety of genres and forms,
  • Eye-catching cover page customized according to the theme of the book,
  • Printing facility and an ISBN Number to assist with publishing and sales,
  • Online publishing on multiple platforms, like Amazon, Kindle, and Apple iBookstore,
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