Our professional ghostwriters at Global Book Writers create well-versed content that demonstrates genuine shades of professionalism while showcasing uniqueness. We are a team of top ghostwriters that are committed to enhancing productivity with our content.

No matter what your creative vision is, Global Book Writers can help you bring it to life!

With the objective of delivering high-quality knowledge dipped in the shades of creativity, we put our hearts and souls into every part of our work. Our top ghostwriters create content that grabs readers' attention and tempts them with attractive sentence structures and an easy-to-understand writing style.

Our team of highly qualified experts can provide the best ghostwriting services and grasp the tone needed by the author while adhering to the industry's standard publishing standards. In addition, our ghostwriting platform has proven experts, provide advice on how to make the author's book a success throughout the brief and interview evaluation process.

How We Work

Book Questionnaire:

Once an order has been confirmed, we send our customers a brief questionnaire about the author's vision for their book, which they must fill. This is to make sure that the authors and the writers are on the same page at all times.

Interview Sessions:

We arrange an interview between the author and a specialized account manager once we receive the brief form. The interviewer guides the author in the direction of a discussion that will take us to the next stage.

Outline/Initial Draft:

This process continues as soon as the interview is recorded. The dedicated account manager then communicates directly with the assigned writer, and an outline or a first draft is created based on the information and the author's requirements.


We provide the first draft or outline to the author for review and comments. If accepted, we'll keep revising the chapters till they're complete. If the author asks for changes or revisions, we'll make them and finish the project on schedule.

Our Exceptional Ghostwriting Services

Depending on the genre, we have a team of highly skilled and professional ghostwriters on board. Consequently, we assign the task to someone else depending on their requirements and comments if the author does not like the writing style. When it comes to providing our customers with a book that exceeds their expectations, we don't cut any corners here at Global Book Writers.

Why our clients us !

The Reason We Exist, We Strive and We Never Give Up

I didn't have to do anything other than communicate, and my book was done in no time. I don't think I could have found a better ghostwriting service provider. I'd give them a big thumps up!


To be honest, I was sceptical at first. But They refused to give up and worked tirelessly to give me exactly what I desired!. Global Book Writers, on the other hand, has me in awe. Strongly recommended!


My interaction with the Global Book Writers was great. Interviews were my favourite section. The interviewer displayed a good understanding of the subject at hand and guided me in the direction of turning my thoughts into a book! I'm happy that I got them!


Global Book Writers help me throughout the project, I've had a wonderful experience. When first time I saw the first draught, I knew these individuals were good at what they were doing. They're fantastic!

Martha Imerson

It was a pleasure working with the Global Book Writers team. There are still a couple more manuscripts that need to be add into book, and I know this is the best place for me to go!

Anna M.

Ever since I’ve entered the writing industry, I dreamt of publishing my own book; and, thanks to Global Book Writers, my first ever poetry book Hymn of the Dandelion now rests on so many e-bookstores! Everything from their publishing to their marketing services is beyond excellent and I couldn’t be more grateful to their team of wonderful people.

-Judy Abu Alhassan

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