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Our ghostwriting platform provides you with fully personalized service and works closely with you at every step of the way to ensure that the content you will receive is exactly what you want. If you're creating a non-fiction book, our authors can assist you in leaving a lasting impression on your readers' thoughts.

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When it comes to non-fiction books, We provide the best ghostwriting services to assist you in establishing your reputation and growing your audience.

Providing non-fiction ghostwriting services is something we've been doing for more than a decade. Our top ghostwriters are expert professionals. We firmly believe our ghostwriting platform is the best in the industry, and we stand by that statement. If you need assistance writing a non-fiction book, our professional ghostwriter can help you. Just a core concept is all our ghostwriters require from you. We're going to convert it into a book that can be printed and distributed. You'll be at ease working with us if you have skills like active deep listening, taking notes, and a strong writing style.

Unstructured thoughts could be holding you back from turning a great idea for your book into a revolutionary one. Don’t resist the opportunity to let your vision be known to the world. Leap with us, and create a truly one-of-a-kind book that could change someone’s life. You bring your experiences, and we sprinkle our vivid storytelling techniques. One of the exciting parts about creative nonfiction is the leeway it gives writers to explore emotional truths, but this should never come at the expense of facts.

Our non fiction writing holds great importance as truth is always captivating for its audience. They play an essential part in everyone’s life, as there can be nothing more felt than the truth that is visible to the eyes.

How We Successfully Manage Writing Your Manuscript


The process begins with a phone discussion regarding the author's goals for the book. This serves as a 'chemistry test' between the ghostwriter and the author, ensuring that the ghostwriter is a perfect match for the task. If everyone is satisfied, the author then shares the story with the ghostwriter through a series of interview sessions. The ghostwriter takes notes during the talks and then transforms them into a book. The process entails much more than simple transcription: spoken English must be rewritten and transformed into flowing, logical, and well-written prose.


The first step in writing a book is to devise a strategy for doing so. This is where a lot of authors fall short. They express an interest in writing a book, but they never sit down and devise a strategy for really accomplishing this goal. A story graph and an outline will be created by our professional ghostwriters for approval before they begin writing the individual chapters.

Writing and Editing

Despite the fact that you have appointed a writer, the process of creating your book is a joint effort. Every week, it is customary for you to visit the site and see the work in progress. Reviewing the work in progress provides you with the opportunity to ensure that your story is being presented correctly and in a manner that is comfortable for you. It's also beneficial for you to be able to analyze what you've covered and how much information you've included. You may go back in time and revisit specific events in your life if you so want, or you can cut parts that seem less important when you look at them on the page. Your writer will integrate your changes into the book, but they may question a change if they believe it would negatively impact the storyline in any manner. In the end, your writer wants you to be satisfied with the way your story is presented, and as a result, you have complete editorial control over the final outcome.

Publish-Ready Manuscript

Once the content of the manuscript has been completed, your ghostwriter will assist you with the layout, formatting, and internal design of the book in order to prepare it for publication, which is the next stage in the process.

  • Motivational Self Help

    Does every self-help book actually . . . help? Make a difference? Change a life? From anger management to self-esteem, from spirituality to creativity, our experiences self-help ghostwriters can cater every individual need.

  • Poetry

    We appreciate the emotional pull of poetry. Known for our wit and wisdom, we approach and explore subjects, incorporating humor, and finding your voice. Discover the profound in the everyday, and let poetry lead you to the unexpected.

  • Business Books

    INCREASE ONLINE VISIBILITY WITH A BUSINESS BOOK. Earned experience as an entrepreneur but still struggle to make your mark as an authority figure in the industry? A business book can change that. Credibility, expertise and authority will be at your fingertips with our help. We have all kinds of specialists on board that can pin down your niche and help you stand out from the rest.

  • Health and Fitness.

    Maybe you’ve developed a fitness program you want to share with the world, or you want to build your platform as a health or wellness expert. Or maybe you’re a speaker who needs a book for back-of-the-room sales and credibility. Or maybe you just want to add “book author” to your CV. Health and fitness are those subjects that can never be ignored easily. These very ideas possess the power to keep the people on high alert for the betterment of their health. This type of content keeps the readers engaged by providing them with the latest information about fitness and help them to make some positive changes for their health and fitness.

  • Travelogue

    Travel writing traditionally meant telling stories or providing information for guidebooks, but today it is finding a new home online, as more and more people take up blogging. While this is just a hobby for most, some people have managed to turn it into a full-time business and will even outsource the work to professional ghostwriters.

    I have worked with a wide range of clients to produce travel writing which meets their needs and writing style. Whether it is hotel reviews, or flowery descriptions of exciting journeys, I have built up a body of experience and skills which enables me to create happy clients.

  • CookBooks

    An impressive cookbook can become a highly reactive catalyst in elevating your recognition world-wide by presenting satisfying recipes to the readers that turn out mouthwatering every time. But even if you possess the best recipes in the industry, in creating your cookbook, you might be making some blunders that portray your book as more problematic to comprehend. Our team of venerated ghostwriters always manages to produce effective content for the target audience and entice them with amazing and satisfying recipes that add flavor to their lives.

  • Photography

    Create a beautiful coffee table book that you will be proud to call your own. We use the best tools to design your photo books: InDesign, Illustrator, Pixellu Smart Albums, Affinity Publisher, and more to create the designs you want. We connect you with designer so you can collaborate with the freedom of professional software and maintain ownership of your digital files, unlike most print on demand photo book companies.

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-Judy Abu Alhassan

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